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As a child Gitty Daneshvari talked and talked and talked. Whether yammering at her sister through a closed door or bombarding her parents with questions while they attempted to sleep, she absolutely refused to stop chattering until finally there was no one left to listen. In need of an outlet for her thoughts, Gitty began writing and she hasn’t stopped since.

After mining her extensive, and we do mean extensive, list of childhood phobias (everything from spiders to alien invasions) in the SCHOOL OF FEAR series, Gitty decided to revisit the time she was rejected from her school’s Talented and Gifted program for being too average in THE LEAGUE OF UNEXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN series. Oh and in the middle, she spent a few years hanging out with the children of monsters (full disclosure: while her parents are weird, they are not technically monsters) with the MONSTER HIGH: GHOULFRIENDS series.

Gitty has sold over 5 million books worldwide.

She currently lives between Madrid, Spain and New York City with her family and her French bulldog Marvin (as well as a shrine to her late English bulldog Harriet). Bottom line, she’s really into bulldogs…and books…and her family…and Chinese food.

And yes she still talks too much.